You work hard to create your IP

We work hard to make it matter -- to forge your IP into assets or strategies that protect and enhance freedom to operate.

We go beyond getting a patent

Developing a diverse and balanced portfolio of patents, to faithfully track your products and markets, deter competitors, attract investment, inoculate against segmented downturns—all without bleeding off valuable resources—is tricky. We help our clients create a culture of innovation, engaging inventors, scoping research and development, and identifying innovation of value. We look to build long-term relationships that yield the best IP decisions.

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We are thought leaders on IP strategies

We have technical backgrounds, extensive practical and academic legal experience, and first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of the US Patent Office to guide us. Our world-wide alliances, with foreign law firms for international protection, and domestic partners for trademark, trade dress, copyright and other aspects of IP, ensure breadth and depth of coverage. And our tools are state-of-the art: cloud-based infrastructure, top-level data security, and powerful analytics platforms to efficiently manage existing IP, thwart potential threats, and exploit new opportunities.

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  • We set our service fees based on experience and the time needed to complete projects well. 
  • We offer pricing by the hour, on a fixed fee or capped fee basis, or by a fixed monthly subscription.
  • Our prices are industry competitive. We benchmark against competitors and participate in reverse price auctions. 
  • We are start-up friendly.  
  • Our team supports monthly invoicing, invoicing by project, and electronic billing where possible.
  • We are willing to discuss alternative fee arrangements.   
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“In some ways, it is a golden age for patents now.
Various fast track options, international cooperative efforts and pilot programs have created effective ways for large and small technology companies to create smart patent portfolios worldwide at less cost.”

Mike Messinger, patent portfolio builder for over 20 years.


“Keep your eye on the ball and work closely with examiners and inventors to understand their needs. That is the best way to add value and save money on IP.”

Mike Messinger, co-founder and former USPTO Examiner for six years.


  • Software and hardware
  • Networking
  • Cloud storage and computing
  • Renewable energy 
  • Web services
  • Computer architecture
  • Online education
  • Memory devices
  • EDA and circuit design
  • Avionics and aeronautics
  • Imaging
  • Medical devices
  • Computer graphics
  • Fiber optics
  • Biometrics
  • Data compression
“People matter. Scoping a company’s ongoing development to identify inventions of value is a team effort. Done well it can sharpen a company’s business strategy and valuation, and reward innovation in a company’s culture.”

Mike Messinger, co-founder of Shami • Messinger

Mike and Khaled


Mike and Khaled met as patent examiners at the USPTO in the 1990s and shared an office for several years. They each went on to practice patent law in different firms on opposite sides of the country. Mike worked as an associate and then partner at an IP boutique in Washington, D.C. and helped grow the firm for over 20 years. Khaled worked in Silicon Valley as associate and partner in boutique and general practice firms, serving high tech clients for 20 years. Now, with the rest of the team at Shami Messinger, they have joined forces to help innovators in a new way. Read their articles and publications.