November 30, 2020 
The USPTO Office of the Chief Economist recently released a remarkable report, Inventing AI.  The report finds widespread gains in the level of AI patenting and a diffusion of AI technologies across industries.  The report was generated in part with an AI algorithm and manual validation covers 2002-2018. 

Highlights of the report include: 
* Share of all US patent applications that contain AI grew from 9% to about 16%.
* Number of AI patent applications filed per year increased more than 100% from 30,000 to more than 60,000 annually.
* 25% of inventor-patentees in 2018 were active in AI.
* Patent filings for AI component technologies, software and hardware, have increased.Machine learning (ML) applications increased sharply since 2012.
* Planning/control and knowledge processing have the largest volume of AI patent applications. 

See, Inventing AI – Tracing the diffusion of artificial intelligence with U.S. Patents, October 2020